National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre reminds Nepal earthquake donors to be vigilant

SINGAPORE - In light of the Nepal earthquake on April 25, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) would like to remind the public and donors to be informed givers.

While thanking Singaporeans for their swift response and generosity in donating to the Singapore Red Cross Society Nepal Relief Fund, the independent not-for-profit organisation appealed for donors to be vigilant and mindful in their choice of charities so as to enhance the hard work of genuine fundraisers. 

Here are some tips from NVPC when making donations:

1. Give directly through a recognised charity's website or a trusted and secured online donation portal such as SG Gives

2. Ensure the organisation is a registered charity. You can look up Charity Portal for an official list. Ask the organisation for more information on how the funds/ donations collected will be channeled or used. If giving through a trusted friend, ask for similar information.

3. When approached by collectors, ensure the collectors are wearing a proper identification (ID) badge. Fundraisers should be able to produce a Collector's Certificate of Authority, issued by the Police or the National Council of Social Service.

4. If in doubt, contact the charity directly for clarification.