Navy man Jason Chee who lost his legs and arm hits pool for next stage of recovery

Navy serviceman Jason Chee has begun pool-based physiotherapy, the next milestone in his recovery from a horrific ship accident last December in which he lost both legs and his left arm.

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The first thing that strikes you about Jason is his resilience and positive spirit of never giving up. Taking to the pool for the first time in nine months for his pool-based physiotherapy sessions, this marks the next milestone in his recovery. Despite the tiring effort and difficulty in swimming, Jason's determination and fighting spirit is clearly evident in how he keeps pushing to go farther, faster on every stretch.

"It's been 8 months since my accident, I'm adapting to my life very well and am able to live my life independently. Currently my rehabilitation involves training with my prosthetic legs to enable me to stand up and walk normally through twice-daily therapy sessions. The training is tough, focusing on strengthening my body and teaching me to walk with prostheses.

Although it's tough, I won't give up because I want to achieve my goal which is to be able to walk on my own again and take care of my family and my future.

Once I fully recover, the first thing I want to do is to go back to work as what my Navy friends are doing now.

The Navy has been taking good care of me throughout my recovery journey. I'm very touched that they continue to stand by me. It is the support from the Navy family that pushes me to go on and not give up." - ME2 Jason Chee