NDR 2015: PM Lee to call for elections soon, asks for support

SINGAPORE - Hints of the upcoming General Election were revealed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at his National Day Rally speech.

"Soon, I will be calling elections, to ask for your mandate to take Singapore into our next phase," he said towards the end of his 90mins speech.

After starting his speech explaining why Singaporeans had reasons to celebrate, the journey to SG50, and highlighting four challenges facing Singapore in the years ahead, PM Lee said that the upcoming election will be critical.

"You will be deciding who is governing Singapore for the next five years; but more than that," PM Lee said.

"You will be choosing the team who will work with you for the next 15-20 years. You will be setting the direction for Singapore for the next 50 years. You will be determining the future of Singapore."

PM Lee said that while the nucleus of his team is already in place - brought in at the last elections and earlier - the team needs to be reinforced.

He then posed a series of questions to Singaporeans about her future: "Will Singapore become an ordinary country, with intractable problems?"

Citing scenarios such as slow, or even negative growth, overspending, and a gridlocked government, he continued: "Or will Singapore stay special for our children?"

"If you are proud of what we have achieved together. If you support what we want to do ahead, the future that we are building, please support me and my team," PM Lee said to applause.

Earlier in his National Day Rally Chinese speech, PM Lee mentioned about the General Election, but stopped short of giving a date.

"Many people tell me that the elections are coming soon! I replied: 'I've heard it too'," he said.



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Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday, 23 August 2015