NEA to help households get started on recycling

THE National Environment Agency (NEA) is stepping up its efforts to encourage more households here to recycle with a recycling starter kit.

In a tender document, the agency said the kit will comprise educational materials such as information on the different types of waste, a guide on how to set up a recycling system and stickers that act as recycling reminders.

"The educational materials at home serve as a quick guide to help households understand more about recycling in their community, start recycling at home and guide their family members to recycle," said NEA in the tender.

The kits will be distributed to Housing Board residents, with the main target being household decision-makers who are not recycling due to perceived inconvenience or lack of knowledge about what can be recycled.

NEA also intends to reach out to those who are already recycling but are not clear about the overall recycling process or have doubts that items deposited in recycling bins really get recycled. It also hopes to appeal to young children and youth with the kit's detachable visual reminders.

NEA also wants void deck posters that direct residents to the nearest recycling bins, according to the document.

The tender closes on Wednesday.

The agency's latest efforts come as the country saw a 1 percentage point drop to 19 per cent in the domestic recycling rate last year, compared with the overall rate of 60 per cent.

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