Neighbours purposely kick shoes, play loud music & hurl vulgarities at Hougang resident

A woman has been plagued by a mother and son duo who have been causing trouble to her home. The pair purposely kick the footwear placed in front of her house, hurl vulgarities at her and even making loud noises at night.

According to the Stomp contributor, Annoyed neighbour, the torment has been going on for the past three years which has made her living experience at her flat in Hougang Street 51 even more unpleasant.

She added that her family has made multiple complaints against the neighbours from hell but no legal action has been taken against them.

The Stomp contributor sent in a video of her neigbour deliberately kicking the footwear placed in front of their unit. The video was recorded by a CCTV camera.

She also sent in another video where the neighbour can be heard hurling vulgarities.

The Stomp contributor elaborated:

"This has been going on for three years.

"The neighbours claim that sounds of heavy metal balls dropping are coming from our unit.

"However, the sound is not produced by the people living in the flat. It's inherent in the flat, part of the building structure.

"But they continue blaming us and as you saw in the video purposely kick the shoes in front of the cabinet.

"We made a complaint about them and even went to mediation sessions twice with them, however, the issue is not resolved.

"The police even came down multiple times but the issue still continues.

"What's more is that they breached the contract of the mediation, which is not to use any vulgarities or harsh words.

"There were times when they would just walk past our unit and hurl vulgarities at us."

The Stomp contributor added that her family decided to install a CCTV camera to record their antics.

She also mentioned that her neighbours tend to blast music and turn on the sound of their television when they're not at home - just to annoy the Stomp contributor's family.

The Stomp contributor said: "I just hope that action will be taken against them."

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