Netizens can't get enough of this Chinese 'hahaha' song

A video shared on social media featuring a song with nonsensical lyrics has tickled the funnybone of netizens.

Since the clip was posted on Facebook last Friday (July 15), it has been viewed 457,000 times and shared by over 11,000 users.

The video, which is in Mandarin and has English subtitles, begins with a young Chinese girl telling another girl that she has scored 100 points in a test.

The other girl then asks which subject she scored 100 points in.

The first girl then holds up two test papers, saying that she scored 50 points for her Chinese test, and 50 points for her English test, which makes a total of 100 points.

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Posted by Mediacock Singapore on Friday, July 15, 2016

The second girl then throws her a dagger stare.

The next scene is where the magic happens, and what has got netizens laughing so hard.

It cuts away to a group of young children all singing "Hahahahahaha" - for 15 seconds continuously.

This inane chorus is like an annoying song that you hate but cannot get out of your head.

But it seems Facebook users can't get enough of the silly ditty.

The video has received more than 2,400 comments on Facebook. Many of these users' comments are (obviously): "Hahahahaha."

Said Facebook user Victoria Sim: "Songwriting 100/100. I oso (also) can."

"Not sure what I just watched," commented another user, Lindy Sim.

The video is not new, and has been circulating on video-sharing sites like YouTube for years.

Some have called it the Chinese haha song.

The tune of the song, in fact, is very similar to George W. Johnson's The Laughing Song, which was recorded way back in 1898.