Netizens 'stalk' handsome police officer who saved cat from tree

Netizens 'stalk' handsome police officer who saved cat from tree

When a photo of two police officers rescuing a cat from a tree was posted online, it went viral, and not only because the feline was cute.

The heartwarming rescue mission took place at Woodlands Avenue 9 on November 24 last year.

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Benjamin Cheah and his partner Corporal (Cpl) Mohammad Faidzul Bin Muslim set hearts aflutter with their good looks, in the picture that now has more than 9,400 likes, over 1,000 shares and nearly 500 comments.

Netizens even used their usual scoping skills and looked Cheah up on Facebook.

There, they found out more personal information about the attractive cop, such as how he is 24 years old.


Several song covers that Cheah posted on the social networking site have also had female fans going gaga. They show him singing and playing the keyboard.

Being musically-inclined and having a heart of gold aren't his only qualities either - he is a fitness buff as well.

Cheah has won legions of fans online, as seen in screenshots of what netizens are saying about him.

One Twitter user wrote, "HELLO BENJAMIN CHEAH. CALL ME MAYBE?" She also said, "U save kitty cat... I also kitty in distress..."

All female fans out there will be disappointed, however. The New Paper reported that according to Cheah's Instagram photos, he got married at the Registry of Marriages last year.

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