New environmental outreach programme for pre-schoolers

A programme to foster good environmental practices among pre-schoolers was launched today at the Central Clean & Green Singapore Carnival (Central CGS) held at HDB Hub Mall. It was jointly organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Central Singapore Development Council (CS CDC).

The programme, "I'M AN ECO-KNIGHT!" was kickstarted by Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Chan Chun Sing, the Mayor for Central Singapore District, Ms Denis Phua and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the NEA, Mr Khoo Seow Poh. It aims to teach pre-schoolers about various topics such as personal hygiene, anti-littering, recycling, dengue prevention and energy efficiency through an assortment of educational packages.

30 kindergartens in the Central Singapore District will undergo this programme in the first year of the three-year period. A further 82 kindergartens are expected to follow suit, for a total of 122 kindergartens involved in the programme.

Said Ms Denise Phua: "At Central Singapore District, environmental issues are one of the key causes that we champion.

"Through our own programmes and partnerships with organisations such as the NEA, we hope to instill an appreciation for a more environmentally-sustainable lifestyle and encourage everyone to minimise waste by reducing, refusing, reusing and recycling."

Additionally, the Central CGS carnival also played host to the first-ever events targeted at shoppers in order to promote environmental awareness, which included exhibitions and various workshops.

Mr Chan Chun Sing also presented the Clean and Green 2014 Awards, the Central Singapore O.N.E Awards, as well as the Project EARTH Awards to 13 recipients from the Central Singapore District in his capacity as Guest-of-Honour. Another 38 awards were given to recognise cleaners for their contributions towards environmental sustainability and public health.