New programme to transform streets into spaces for people

Is your neighbourhood getting a little too quiet and boring for you?

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has launched 'Streets for People', a programme under the PubliCity initiative aimed at supporting community-initiated projects to enliven the streets of Singapore by turning them into meaningful pulbic spaces through design and programmes.

In a statement today, the URA said the new initiative will provide various levels of support for new proposals.

Successful applicants may receive support in the form of:

- One-stop consultation with Government agencies

- Installation of a series of short-term creative amenities called the PubliCity Pop-up programmes to activate the car-free zone

- Supply of road closure essentials such as safety barriers and signage

- Up to $5,000 in seed funding

Members of the public can suggest proposals for short-term or regular, temporary car-free zones for everyone to enjoy the public space.

Proposals will be assessed on three key aspects: location, timing and activities.

Applicants must operate or reside within the proposed area and have their plans supported by the local community.

Chief Executive Officer of URA Mr Ng Lang said: "The weekend car-free zones at Haji Lane, Club Street and Circular Road are great examples of how the local community worked together to initiate vibrant car- free zones for the public to enjoy.

"We welcome more of such ground-up initiatives to unlock the potential of our streets as temporary public spaces."

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