New short film on long distance romance by local director Boo Junfeng captivates hearts all over

New short film on long distance romance by local director Boo Junfeng captivates hearts all over

We all know the drill. You fall for someone, take it to the next level by going on dates and enjoying the first few months of giddy affection.

But what happens if you end up in a long distance relationship instead?

A new short film by homegrown film maker Boo Junfeng touches on that subject and it has been gaining quite the attention online, racking up almost 400,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded on Monday (May 23).

Viewers were evidently impressed by the clip with some even sharing their personal experiences with long distance romance in the comments section.

The 3-minute film, titled "Goodbye, Hello" is about John and Emily, two Singaporean youths that go from being platonic friends to an actual couple separated by distance.

The film literally takes viewers through the many goodbyes and hellos that the two experience - especially since Emily leaves Singapore to study in New York.

She starts seeing someone in New York but alas, it was not meant to be as that relationship did not work out (because the guy cheated on her, well, no surprises here).

Emily tearfully confides in John and soon, the two embark on a long distance relationship involving the mandatory Skype video calls.

And what better way to share their happiness than to announce their union on Facebook?

Ah, young love.

We're not going to lie. We were half-expecting a tragic ending to their relationship. By tragic, we mean John and Emily not reaching the classic BTO flat application stage and barely making it through their 'Netflix and chill' nights.

Boo's short film seems to present the idea that long distance relationships may not necessarily be as difficult as society deems them to be. Studies have also suggested that long distance love is actually "stronger" than what people think.

A research by City University of Hong Kong found that people in long distance relationships reportedly feel "emotionally closer" to their partners as compared to those in more 'traditional' relationships.

Many of us are probably accustomed to the idea that it is better for a couple to at least reside in the same country for a relationship to work.

The film, which is actually an advertisement Boo directed for Singtel, is a refreshing take on the marred idea of long distance relationships.

"When I was first presented with this idea, I thought it was quite interesting because I've been in a long distance relationship," Boo said.

"A lot of it is in appreciating that there is a distance and we need to accept that. Whenever we are together and or when we are connected, that space becomes very special."

*Spoiler alert*

So what was the best part of "Goodbye, Hello"? It was when John proposes to Emily with an actual ring (like real men do) after singing her a song during one of their video conversations.

It's a nice ending to a great advertisement that is both heartwarming and real.

Oh, and the name of the song John crooned to his missus? "The Girl From Katong" - written by local indie band Serenaide.

Altogether now: Aww.

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