New Zealander arrested in Bali for drug

BALI - Denpasar Police have arrested a New Zealand national for possession of hashish and MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), which has the street name ecstasy.

Leeza Tracey Ormsby, 36, has been detained at Denpasar Police station for more than a week, having been arrested on Feb. 12.

Denpasar Police drugs section head, Comr. Agus Tri Waluyo, said that the woman, who lives in Sydney, Australia, was arrested at Villa Askara in Dalung, North Kuta.

From Ormsby the police seized a cigarette containing hashish, and found 27.06 grams of hashish and 132.2 grams of MDMA in the villa.

"As of now, she has only admitted the cigarette belonged to her. But it is normal for a suspect to deny things to avoid a heavy sentence," Agus said.

Agus explained that the arrest took place after the police received information from people living nearby about a drug party in the villa.

Based on this information, they decided to raid the villa on the Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. "When we got there, the suspect was there. We found a cigarette containing hashish in her bag," Agus stated.

On searching the villa, hashish and MDMA were found in a cupboard in the bedroom. Equipment was also found in the kitchen allegedly used to prepare drugs for sale, such as an electric scale, two rolls of tape and plastic packaging.

Agus said that the suspect admitted that she had taken part in a drug party with several friends, days before the police came.

Agus also was convinced that Ormsby had stayed at the villa and knew about the drugs, as she had the villa keys.

The investigation is still ongoing to identify any possible drug ring. However, police plan to charge Ormsby with articles 112 and 114 of the Narcotics Law.

Article 112 (2) of the Narcotics Law regulates the possession of, storing, managing and supplying of type I narcotics of more than 5 grams with a maximum punishment of 20 years' imprisonment.

Agus said that police had decided to also charge the suspect with Article 114 as they had found so much equipment usually used for the sale of drugs. Article 114 also carries a maximum of 20 years' imprisonment.

Ormsby's lawyer, Ary B. Soenardi, said that his client was ignorant of the drugs found in her bag and in the villa. He also said Ormsby was depressed after the arrest.

According to Ary, Ormsby was unemployed in Australia and was enjoying Bali as a backpacker. She had arrived in Bali only four days before being arrested.