Newborn baby girl found abandoned near Sixth Ave housing estate; Police investigating

*Update*: The police have issued a statement confirming that a 30-year-old domestic worker has been arrested for child abandonment.

Neighbours said they saw more than 10 uniformed policeman outside the house on Friday night. A next-door neighbour, Mrs Selvarajah, 72, said she was woken up by the police at 11pm and asked if she had seen anybody carrying a baby outside her house.

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Here is the police's statement in full:

The police received a call on  Nov 22 at about 9.20pm, requesting for assistance at a residential unit in the vicinity of Sixth Avenue.

Upon the police's arrival, it was established that a baby girl with its umbilical cord still attached was found near the residential unit.

The baby was conveyed to hospital for observation.

The police have classified the case as Abandonment of a Child and investigations are ongoing.