No investigation into why government websites were offline: Singapore police

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Police Force has clarified that there was no investigation into why its website was offline for some time on Saturday.

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Many government websites were down on Saturday from 1.30pm.

Besides, many users also complained of difficulties accessing other government ministries websites.

The government websites that experienced down-time were:,,,, GOV.SG,,,,,,,,,,

IDA also responded on their Facebook page on Nov 2 that "government websites are under planned maintenance and will be back ASAP (as soon as possible)."

Statement from the Singapore Police Force released on their Facebook page:

UPDATE to Singapore government websites down for maintenance on Nov 2, 2013:

Many news articles and online websites have reported that Police are investigating into the above matter.

However, Police would like to clarify that this is inaccurate and there is no such investigation going on.

Misreporting by an earlier news article had led to the spread of this inaccurate information in other media and online websites.

IDA's statement issued on Nov 2, 2013 had already clarified that it was a planned maintenance on government websites.

IDA's statement: "Government websites are under planned maintenance. Such planned maintenance are usually undertaken during the weekends and public holidays due to low expected website traffic. The maintenance took longer than expected, due to technical difficulties. Maintenance of the websites is progressively being completed. We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

We hope this clarifies the rumours that are circulating online. Thank you.