No sex for a year of marriage, so man wants a divorce

No sex for a year of marriage, so man wants a divorce

SINGAPORE - A 69-year-old man is asking to divorce his wife, claiming that he has not had sex with his Chinese wife even a year after their marriage.

Shin Min Daily News reported on Saturday that the man, known as Mr Huang, is a retired bus driver, who earns a living by renting out two bedrooms in his three-bedroom flat.

His "wife", a woman from China in her 40s, had been renting a room from Mr Huang with her daughter for two years prior to their marriage.

Mr Huang is also unhappy that since they got married, the woman has not paid him rent for the room.

According to Mr Huang, since getting married a year ago, the two have continued to stay in separate rooms.

However, the woman, known only as Madam Ho, is refusing to divorce the man, saying that her "husband" is a good man who has given her a "sense of home" and has treated her 18-year-old daughter well.

She claims that shortly after the pair were married, a tenant staying in the other room in the flat moved out and that she had planned to move into that room with Mr Huang, but she was unable to do so because the room had bedbugs.

According to Shin Min, the woman claimed to own a car and property back in China, and that she was sincere in entering into the marriage and had not married Mr Huang for his money.

She also said that she had been taking care of Mr Huang, and questioned the need to continue paying rental to Mr Huang as they are now husband and wife.

However, Mr Huang's family and relatives disputed her claim, saying that she had never taken care of him.

A lawyer has said that Mr Huang can ask for an annulment, on the condition that he had previously asked to consummate the marriage but was rejected.

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