Nokia Asha 210 handphone

The Nokia Asha 210 is a cheap handset, likely slated for the Indian market, but it is nonetheless an interesting device for those seeking a good handset that is affordable.

The best feature is the Qwerty keypad, which means easier texting and e-mailing. If one's e-mail is largely Web-based, it would be a perfect tool to check e-mail messages. It works just as well as checking e-mail messages on the new BlackBerry10 handsets.

However, Nokia touts the phone's dedicated Facebook button and voice-assisted camera as unique features.

The 210 is a dual-SIM handset, which means one can swop SIMs without turning off the phone. But there are limitations.

The Bluetooth-enabled phone operates on a 2G network, which means slower GPRS data, although it can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. The camera resolution is a low 2MP.

The lower specs are really quite acceptable, given its price.

This would be a good handset for travelling as, even if it should go missing, the loss would be minimal and acceptable.

How much: $129, available in black, yellow, cyan or white

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