North Korea moves 'hidden' embassy to prominent High Street Centre

SINGAPORE - Did you know that North Korea has an embassy here?

Even if you knew that the isolated communist nation has some sort of diplomatic or trade office here, many might not know the embassy's 'secret' location

Over the years, the embassy in Singapore has reportedly operated under the noses of many in less savoury areas like Joo Chiat and Golden Mile Complex where you would not expect diplomatic corporations to do business.

But recently, the North Korean embassy here has stepped out of the shadow.

It has moved from a five-room bungalow in a residential estate with pockets of nightlife to the gleaming High Street Centre where its 15th floor office commands a grand view of Singapore.

A source apparently with knowledge of the reason for the move told NK News that the embassy's last location at 60 Joo Chiat Lane was "awful and did not give a good impression".

Meanwhile, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has updated the mission locator in its website with the new embassy address in the towering retail and residential landmark in the civic district of High Street and North Bridge Road.

The website also noted that the diplomatic relationship between Singapore and North Korea began in 1975.


CaptionPhoto: STProperty

In recent years, there were reports of Singapore businesses operating in capital Pyongyang such as fast food outlets and stores selling Singapore products like beverages and processed food.

And lastly, curious on some minds: Will Kim Jong-Un drop by to see his outpost here?