'Not proud to be Singaporean' Stephanie Koh accused of assaulting aunt during CNY

SINGAPORE - Stephanie Koh, the 21-year-old who made the news last month for her controversial remarks on how she is not proud to be a Singaporean, has found herself making headlines again, this time over a family dispute.

Ms Koh, finalist of a Korean reality show, was accused of hitting her aunt on the first day of the Chinese New Year last Friday. Her aunt Nicole Chong, 33, who is the sister of Ms Koh's mother, made a police report against Ms Koh for attacking her.

A teacher who shares a Housing Board home with her mother, Ms Chong told The Straits Times she had locked herself in her room last Friday, when Ms Koh and her family came for a visit.

Ms Chong, who said she also quarreled with her niece in December and wanted to avoid her during Chinese New Year, claims Ms Koh stood outside her room and made remarks to provoke her, which prompted her to open the door.

That's when she claims Ms Koh charged in, pulled her hair, pushed her to the floor and hit her head. "I tried to stop her, so I bit her on her arm", says Ms Chong.

"We got into a quarrel in December, and she said a lot of things to hurt me then. I just wanted to avoid her this Chinese New Year," said Ms Chong. But Ms Koh stood outside Ms Chong's room and made remarks to provoke her, which led Ms Chong to open the door.

But Ms Koh told The Straits Times she did not attack her aunt. She alleges that her aunt shouted at her to keep quiet and even poured hot tea on her. Ms Koh also said she tried to speak to Ms Chong afterwards.

"That was when she lunged at me, and scratched my chest and bit me. It's been four days, and I still have the bruises now," she said. "I tried to pull her away by pulling her hair. Then my dad broke up the fight. I did not attack my aunt at all."

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