NTU develops mobile app to help reduce its energy usage

SINGAPORE - Nanyang Technological University has launched a new Eco-App to cultivate environment-friendly behaviour among students.

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Environment and Water Resources, launched the new app today during the opening of NTU's annual Greenfest, the flagship event of NTU's environmental student club Earthlink.

The new app, POWERZ, enables students and staff to earn points through environmentally-friendly behaviours such as using fans instead of air-conditioning in residential halls, or switching off lights in lecture theatres when not in use.

Through its EcoCampus initiative, NTU aims to achieve a 35 per cent reduction in its energy and water usage, carbon footprint and waste output by year 2020.

The app also allow users to redeem rewards in real time. Students who use the app can redeem rewards like lucky draw coupons or food vouchers.

Associate Professor Yohanes Eko Riyanto, Principal Investigator for the POWERZ project said: "Simple everyday actions, such as switching off the lights and taking the stairs instead of the lift, can go a long way in creating a more sustainable future. The app provides a fun and exciting way to nudge people to be more environmentally conscious".