NTUC Income explains why policyholder's claim was denied

NTUC Income explains why policyholder's claim was denied

SINGAPORE - Ms Wendy Tan said she was unable to make a claim under her Dependants' Protection Scheme policy following an accident that left her disabled from the waist down ("Disabled from waist down but insurance claim denied"; Tuesday).

The Dependants' Protection Scheme is an affordable national scheme intended to provide basic insurance in the event of the policyholder's death or permanent incapacity, which is defined as being physically or mentally incapacitated from ever continuing in any employment, including self-employment.

Conversely, if a person is able to perform simple or sedentary forms of work, she is not considered to be permanently incapacitated.

According to Ms Tan's attending specialist, she is able to perform jobs that allow her to sit.

We explained to her that because of this, we were not able to accept her claim.

Even as we empathise with her situation, we have to be fair to all our policyholders and make payouts according to the letter and intent of the policy.

We also informed Ms Tan that we will review her claim if her doctor subsequently certifies that she is unable to continue in any form of employment.

We extend our best wishes to Ms Tan.

Pui Phusangmook

Senior Vice-President & General Manager

Group & Health Division

NTUC Income

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