NTUC Income offers travel policy to cover travellers with pre-existing conditions

SINGAPORE - Travellers with pre-existing conditions can now claim medical and evacuation expenses under NTUC Income's new travel policy.

The Singapore-based company is the first insurer to offer a policy to cover travellers who incur costs during their overseas trip due to their pre-existing illnesses.

The Enhanced PreX Travel Insurance plan was introduced in October and will cover medical and evacuation expenses, and has no age limit imposed. However, the policy does not cover trip cancellation or curtailment due to pre-existing conditions.

Based on the company's claims experience, they learnt that medical and evacuation expenses are the two most costly and important items.

Ms Annie Chua, Senior Manager of Personal Lines of NTUC Income, said that the company receives an average of 10 per cent of medical claims that are not admissible because of the insured's pre-existing condition.

A significant number of people will be able to potentially benefit from this new policy, Ms Chua added, and go for their holiday with a greater peace of mind.

In terms of pricing, the premium for an adult travelling to Asia for five days is $68, NTUC Income said in a recent press statement. This is $14 more than NTUC Income's Deluxe Plan at $54. For a child, the difference is $9.50.

For example, a 15-day trip to the United States is $169, $34 more than NTUC Income's Deluxe Plan for an adult and $23 more than the Deluxe Plan for a child.

With the new Enhanced PreX plan, holiday-makers can receive a maximum coverage of 30 days for short trips.

The current Deluxe and Classic plans offers travellers coverage for an extended period of 180 days for similar short trips.