Nude man attacks mother at Clementi, sister begs passers-by to call police

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a 26-year-old man who allegedly attacked his 60-year-old mother 'with a hard object' at their home at Clementi on Wednesday night around 11.30pm.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the drama unfolded over two hours after the suspect's sister raised the alarm by shouting from the flat's master bedroom to "call the brother wants to kill my mum".

Her plea for help was heard by a couple, Mr Ma and his wife Madam Li, who were at the coffeeshop below Blk 606 along Clementi West Street 1.

According to Mr Ma, 50, he heard people arguing at the flat for over an hour.

"I only realised the severity of the situation after I heard the girl shouting 'Help me! My brother wants to kill my mum'", told Mr Ma to the Chinese evening daily.

Madam Li, 50, immediately called the police, after which sounds of broken glass could be heard from the flat.

When reporters arrived on the scene, the suspect - who is of medium build and sporting tattoos on his right arm - was seen walking around naked and expressionless in the sixth-floor unit.

Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived at around 11.43pm and with the help of the police, rescued both the suspect's sister and mother from the unit by entering through the front door.

However, the suspect then threatened to jump and locked himself in one of the rooms for over an hour.

At about 1am, two SCDF officers managed to forcefully enter the flat through the windows after abseiling down from the 8th floor.

The suspect was seen strapped to a stretcher and being wheeled out to an ambulance at around 1.30am. He was covered in a white towel from top to toe, reported Shin Min Daily News.

SCDF officers said that the victim was in a conscious state and taken to the National University Hospital. According to Shin Min Daily News, the victim has since been discharged.

Police have classified the case as 'voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous means' and investigations are ongoing. Shin Min Daily News understands that the weapon used to attack the victim has been seized by the police.