NUS prof's comments on lesbians spark protests from past and present students

A Malay Studies academic at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has drawn protests for referring to lesbianism as "cancers" and "diseases", sparking concern from the university.

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Here is Associate Professor Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied's Facebook post, titled "Liberal Islam, Lesbianism and the likes of it". He isĀ an academic at the NUS Department of Malay Studies.

Question: Dear Prof, could you share about what we should do with this new development called liberal Islam which is now supporting the lesbian movement?

Answer: We must adopt a comprehensive and systematic strategy in dealing with such phenomenon which would inevitably affect our children's faith and social lives. Here are my recommendations:

1) Scholars and religious teachers (asatizahs) must speak up and write against these ideologies and practices. They are obligated to explain to the public the true meaning of what Islam is and sexuality as defined by the Quran and Sunnah. When the scholars and asatizahs are silent about these issues, corruption will spread like wild fire.

2) Parents and school teachers must be made aware of these challenges. They must detect early signs of waywardness from their children and students. Give advice, send them to proper religious classes and seek help from counsellors, if necessary. Win over the hearts of the misled youths and explain to them what's right with knowledge and wisdom. All social issues must be dealt with at home, if not, in schools.

3) The youths must assist scholars, asatizahs, parents and teachers to spread the message of true Islam in all media platforms. They have the power of technology in their hands and could play the crucial role of alerting groups and movements that are spreading the ideologies of liberal Islam and lesbianism and all other ideologies. Make the pure message of Islam viral to cleanse liberal Islam and lesbianism from the hearts of the faithful.

Together, we will stop these developments in their tracks through education and reasoned arguments.