NZ's Māori All Blacks and Singapore students take to rugby field

SINGAPORE - High performance, teamwork and dedication were displayed today as members of the New Zealand Māori All Blacks rugby team coached close to 100 junior rugby players from across Singapore during a skills and drills coaching session at Raffles Institution.

The event hosted by AIG was part of the Māori All Blacks' three day visit to support the growth of rugby in Singapore.

"Rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is rising in popularity in many Asian countries, including Singapore, and we're thrilled to be in a position to be able to support the rugby development of these school students," said AIG's Chief Agency Officer for South East Asia, Mr Peter Van Zyl.

As part of the visit, the Raffles Institution students welcomed the Māori All Blacks with a "haka" - the traditional Māori war challenge - which the Māori All Blacks perform before each game. The school students also gave a presentation on how to stay safe on the field.

Principal of Raffles Institution Chan Poh Meng said that it was a fantastic experience for students from the various primary schools and Raffles Institution to meet the Māori All Blacks, learn from the players, and perform the haka for them.

"The success of sporting development starts from the ground up, and these types of events are an excellent way for children to get involved right from the start," said Mr Chan.

In the last twelve months alone, players from the six national New Zealand Rugby teams have visited São Paulo, Rio, Tokyo, Dubai, Toronto, Philadelphia and New York, with a visit to China planned later this year.

The Māori All Blacks and AIG are also hosting a number of activities in Singapore this week, including an event at the New Zealand High Commission and a skills and drills session at the Singapore Cricket Club.