OBS awards youth volunteers for community service efforts

More than 50 youth volunteers were awarded for their community service efforts by Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) on Saturday.

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Here is the statement from Outward Bound Singapore: 

To inspire and encourage every youth to serve the community, Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) honoured youth volunteers, comprising OBS alumni members for the first time.

The inaugural alumni award put the spotlight on OBS alumni members who contributed to the community through various post-course community service projects of their choice.

These community service projects ranged from an outing to the park for wheelchair-bound elderly residents by a group of six trained nurses to an art-and-craft and sing-a-long session for at-risk children from the Tri-Love Student Care Centre. Other activities involved planning a 3D-2N camp for children from the Singapore Children's Society.

"It feels great to play games and engage in meaningful art-and-craft activity with the children once again. Some of the children even recognised us from the earlier session and were excited to take part in the activities. Returning for the second time made me feel a sense of responsibility towards these children and l want to make sure that our time with them is well-spent," said Ms Shiang Min, Leadership and Service Award (LSA) participant and two-time volunteer with Tri-Love Student Care Centre.

"Spending time with the wheelchair-bound seniors made me realise that we often take doing daily actives such as a stroll in the park, for granted. However, to these seniors, an outing to the park is not a daily affair. Some of the seniors were afraid they may fall. Being a nurse myself, I am used to such situations and thus, I am able to empathise and give them the assurance that they need," said Ms Noreen Taha, trained nurse and OBS youth volunteer.

"I am proud of our alumni members, setting aside time to help others and their peers - this is very commendable. To all youths out there, I urge you to take a chance at volunteering. It is indeed a very rewarding journey," said Mr Nicholas Conceicao, Director, Outward Bound Singapore.

Alumni who qualified for the awards had demonstrated commitment and contribution to the community, ranging from spending quality time with wheelchair-bound elderly at the park to engaging in a games and arts-and-craft session with at-risk children. The OBS Alumni network was formed in 2012 for past participants of OBS to network and engage in alumni-initiated community projects and ultimately, make a difference to the community in causes of their choice.

In addition, the achievement of participants from the latest cohort of the 21-day rigorous OBS Leadership and Service Challenge were highlighted at the ceremony.

In all, more than 50 OBS alumni members were honoured at the alumni awards ceremony.