Office cleaner wins $3,000

Flipping through her copy of The New Paper, she could not believe her eyes when she saw the winning numbers on Wednesday.

"I thought the numbers looked very familiar. I had to check them two to three times," said Ms Maziah Ahmad (below), 54, an office cleaner.

She then went around her workplace, asking her co-workers if the contest was real and if she had really won.

The lucky reader bagged $3,000 in The New Paper's 7 Daily Wins contest.


The mother of three plans to use the money for a holiday with her husband, air-con technician Muhammad Halifah, 59, in December, and take her children, all in their 20s, for a meal.

She buys The New Paper every day and reads it at work before giving it to her husband, who enjoys the sports section.

"I like the type of stories The New Paper publishes," she said.

There were two other winners, Ms Kamisah Ibrahim, 42, and Mr Mazlan Abdullah, 30, who won $100 worth of Royal Sporting House vouchers.

Ms Kamisah plans to use the vouchers for new school bags and shoes for her sons, while Mr Mazlan wants to get new roller-blades for his daughters.

You can take part in 7 Daily Wins until Nov 17.

Each TNP copy on Monday will have a sticker with a seven-digit number.

The winning numbers will be published from Tuesday to Sunday.

There are seven daily prizes, including $500 cash, which snowballs if it is unclaimed.

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