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Oh crap! Man smears faeces and places prayer offerings on car in Aljunied

Oh crap! Man smears faeces and places prayer offerings on car in Aljunied
Prayer offerings were placed on the car bonnet, and faeces was also smeared all over the vehicle.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

A man was arrested after he allegedly defaced a car on Sunday (Nov 19).

The vandalised sedan, which belongs to a hawker, was parked at Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, reported Shin Min Daily News.

According to the Chinese evening daily, several items resembling prayer offerings, such as a 'huat kueh' holding a flower as well as incense sticks in an orange, were placed on the car bonnet.

The vehicle's windscreen, windows and door handles were also smeared with black stains. These stains, believed to be faeces, exuded a nauseating stench.

Handwritten notes containing vulgar language, addressed to a person surnamed Tan, were also found on the car windscreen and on a pillar in the market.

The car owner surnamed Wang told Shin Min that she was selling chicken at her market stall when an employee of another stall, surnamed Guo, alerted her to the incident.

She hurried to check on her car, only to be greeted by the shocking sight.

A furious Wang called the police before returning to tend to her stall. She could only start cleaning her car after she closed for the day.

Guo told Shin Min that prior to the incident, he saw a middle-aged man behaving suspiciously around the parking lot.

"He kept looking around while walking back and forth, as if he was looking for an opportunity to strike," Guo recalled. 

However, Guo could not clearly identify the perpetrator as the market was crowded and he had to attend to customers.

The police confirmed with Shin Min that they arrested a 52-year-old man for public nuisance, adding that investigations are ongoing.

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