Online scams: Hook, line, and that sinking feeling


l Do business only with those you trust. Also, be sure you know who the company or person is and where they are physically located, even if a local number is used.

l Look carefully at the information about the goods and ask for more information when required. A legitimate business would gladly provide it. Ensure that you know what is being sold, the total price, the delivery date, the return, cancellation policy and the terms of any guarantee.

l Ask the sellers for their list of customers. Make inquiries with customers on the company's background and services.


l Do not give your bank account numbers, credit card numbers and personal information to anyone you don't know.

l Do not help others you have met online to make funds transfers or assist in making remittances of unknown sources of money. By doing so, you may be abetting a criminal in receiving the proceeds from crime.

l Do not easily trust the identities claimed by online sellers or be lured by attractive "discounts".

Source: Singapore Police Force

This article was published on April 7 in The New Paper.

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