Over 100 ill after eating food from Kuisine Catering

Over 100 ill after eating food from Kuisine Catering

SINGAPORE - The number of people affected by food poisoning after consuming food from Kuisine Catering seems to be increasing.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that over 100 people have had suspected food poisoning when they had food from the caterer from Feb 12-14.

Yesterday, the newspaper reported that a nail spa boss, Madam Tan, had ordered food from Kuisine Catering for a birthday party on Feb 13. 33 out 34 guests had symptoms of food poisoning, including diarrhorea and vomiting, while some were even admitted to hospital and put on drip.

49-year-old housewife, Mrs Huang, told Wanbao on Thursday (Feb 18) that she, too, had ordered food from Kuisine on Feb 13 to celebrate her husband's 50th birthday. 31 friends and relatives attended the party. 

The next day, her husband began to have fever, vomiting and diarrhorea. Her domestic helper also had the same symptoms. 21 relatives were also affected.

Mrs Huang believes the problem lies with the chicken dish that she had ordered. She said: "We found that those who ate the chicken fell ill. The more chicken they ate, the more ill they were. It must be the chicken."

She said the medical bills of her relatives have amounted to nearly a thousand dollars, but added that Kuisine was willing to bear the cost of their medical expenses.


In another case, Ms Huang also ordered food from the same caterer for a 21st birthday party on Feb 13. She said her guests fell sick too. 

Ms Huang said her mother was in great abdominal discomfort, so excruciating that she likened them to labour pains. 

After six days, Ms Huang said that two of her relatives still have cramps and went to the hospital today (Feb 19) for blood tests. 

Another reader, whose surname is Zhou, wrote on the newspaper's Facebook page to say that his relatives had also engaged Kuisine for Chinese New Year celebrations. More than 25 people have suspected food poisoning and some are still having fever, diarrhorea and vomiting. 

The company has since been suspended while the authorities look into the matter. 

According to Wanbao, the caterer promised customers full refunds and to bear all medical expenses. 


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