Over 1,100 graduate as SAF Specialists

SINGAPORE- A total of 1,126 Specialist Cadets (SCTs) from the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Republic of Singapore Air Force graduated as Specialists of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

Addressing the graduands at the parade on Thursday, Dr Lam highlighted the continued role that the Specialists would play in securing Singapore's peace and security.

He also reminded the graduands that as Specialists and leaders in the SAF, they have the important role of helping their subordinates understand and internalize the importance of a strong defence.

He said: "As you assume greater responsibilities in your new units, you will be shaping the NS experience of the men under your charge, not just during the two years of active service but in the subsequent ten years of NS."

The graduation parade marked the completion of the 22-week Specialist Cadet Course, where the SCTs trained under rigorous and realistic conditions to develop leadership and combat skills, and deepen their understanding of the other vocations in the SAF.

The graduands were on parade in their ceremonial No. 1 uniforms, witnessed by their families, friends and senior SAF officers.