Pakistan police on hunt for second suspect in murder of Singapore-based model

Police in Pakistan are looking for a second man believed to have been involved in the murder of Singapore-based model Fehmina Chaudhry.

The man - who investigators say strangled the 27-year-old with a rope - was in a car with Ms Chaudhry and real estate broker Muaz Waqar on the day she was killed.

The three of them were on the way to see the land she had bought from Waqar for three million Pakistani rupees (S$35,000), paid for in the form of gold.

Waqar, who has been arrested, has already admitted to the murder.

"They drove for two hours, and took her to a desolate place," investigating officer Javed Awan told The Straits Times. "When they stopped, the other man took a rope and strangled Ms Chaudhry from behind the passenger seat. Then they drove a few more kilometres and dumped her body in a drain."

He added that police know the man's identity and are tracking him down.

The body of the pageant winner was found in a drain in Pakistan's capital Islamabad on Monday.

Police say telephone records show contact between Ms Chaudhry and Waqar, and there are photographs of them on his Facebook page. It is believed he visited her at her hotel. These connections led police to Waqar, said officer Awan.

Ms Chaudhry went missing on Thursday last week after flying to Pakistan to negotiate a land deal with Waqar. Ms Chaudhry's mother Nashiba Taskeen reported her missing two days later.

When Waqar seemed unable to carry out his part of the land deal, Ms Chaudhry asked for her payment back. He then offered her a modelling deal with Pepsi worth 20 million Pakistani rupees.

She had been planning to set up a fashion school.

It is believed that she moved to Singapore with her husband a few years ago, but they divorced about 12 months ago.

The catwalk fashion model and beauty pageant judge came from a "very good" family in Karachi, Pakistan, and married at the age of 18. Those who knew Ms Chaudhry said she had a zest for life and was always ready to help her friends.

She had been working hard to make it in Bollywood before she was murdered, they said.

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