Parents shaken after fishing hook pierces daughter's cheek at Bishan Park

PHOTO: Stomp

A concerned mother posted a warning about bringing your children to Bishan Park where several anglers go fishing.

She shared photos of her daughter whose right cheek had been pierced by a fishing hook and needed emergency surgery to have it removed.

The incident happened on May 28 at around 7.30pm.

The girl told her mother that before the fishing hook got caught in her cheek, she saw three boys aged between 12 and 13 playing with a fishing rod with a hook, line and sinker at the bridge near the McDonald's in the park.

She had paused at the bridge to wait for her other family members to catch up when it happened.

Her parents were understandably shocked and tried to help their daughter by biting off the nylon line.

After a great struggle and with the assistance of passers-by, they managed to do so before rushing to Mount Alvernia Hospital.

A doctor at the hospital informed the girl's parents that he was unable to perform the surgery to remove the hook under sedation as the hospital did not have an available operation theatre.

He added that performing the surgery under local anaesthesia would traumatise their daughter.

The nurse advised the family to go to KK Women's and Children's Hospital instead.

In her post, the mother wanted to appeal for any information regarding the three boys to advise them on the dangers of playing with a fishing rod with several people nearby.