Parents shocked to find child bruised at childcare centre

Parents of this 2-year-old girl were horrified to find some bruises on their child's face and nose when they picked her up at the childcare centre on Dec 30.

A Stomp reader, Xavier, sent in these photos of his niece, which show some bruises on her cheeks as well as a cut lip.

He wrote:

"My sister-in-law went to pick up their son and daughter as usual in the evening at the childcare centre.

"To her disbelief, there were bruises on her face and her nose.

"Her lips were also cut and swollen."

The childcare centre did not have a CCTV to determine what happened.

The teacher had suspected that she was beaten up by another small kid during their nap time, which explained why it went unnoticed.

However, the reader and his family were appalled that another 2-year-old could even a child up like that, and were sceptical that any cries would go unheard by the caregivers.

The contributor added:

"My sister-in-law then rushed her daughter for medical checkup.

"The principal of the childcare centre then called to say that my niece fell down by herself at the centre.

"Look at her bruises, how can a fall be so serious and why didn't the centre call the parents immediately after the accident?"

They tried to lodge a police report, but the police suggested that they settle this matter with the chlidcare centre's management, and that they were only required to step in in the event of serious injury or death.

He continued:

"Isn't this too late then?

"The childcare centre does not have a CCTV. Shouldn't all childcare centres be installed with a CCTV?

"Isn't this unsafe for all toddlers?"

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