Parking rates at public carparks to go up from Dec 1

SINGAPORE - Charges for short-term and season parking at public carparks will go up from Dec 1.

The last island-wide revision of car parking charges by the Housing Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) was 14 years ago in 2002.

Since then, the costs of building, operating and managing carparks have increased due to inflation, as well as construction, manpower and other related maintenance costs, said the HDB and URA in a joint press release on Thursday (June 30).

Parking rates are being revised as carpark charges have not kept pace with these cost increases, they added.

Short-term parking

For carparks outside restricted zones and designated areas, the revised charges will be 60 cents per half hour, which is an increase of 10 cents.

Within restricted zones and designated areas, charges will go up to $1.20 per half hour, which is an increase of 20 cents.

Charges on a per-minute basis will continue to apply for selected Electronic Parking System carparks in locations with high demand.

Season parking

HDB dwellers will also see season parking rates rise.

Priority will be given for the first car of residents.

Those who require more than one parking space will pay a higher rate than for their first car. Season parking ticket holders who are non-residents will also pay a higher rate.

They will pay $90 a month for surface carparks and $120 a month for sheltered carparks. This represents an increase of $25 a month and $30 a month, respectively.

For residents' first parking space, charges will see a smaller increase of $15 for surface carparks and $20 for sheltered carparks. This will see charges rise to $65 to $80 a month for surface carparks, and $90 to $110 a month for sheltered carparks.

Family season parking ticket holders will continue to enjoy a concessionary rate of half of the season parking rate. They will pay $40 a month for surface carparks and $55 per month for sheltered carparks.

Season parking ticket holders can expect to receive letters from HDB and URA advising them of the revised rates as well as the priority status of the cars in their respective households by September.

Motorcycle parking rates

There are no changes to parking charges for motorcycles as these were revised when per-minute charging and the Concessionary Season Parking Ticket for motorcycles were introduced in July 2014 and January 2015 respectively.

New parking coupons

Motorists will have to use new parking coupons with the revised rates from Dec 1.

These will be available from early October. This is also when motorists may begin exchanging unused old parking coupons for new ones by paying the difference in value.

For more information on the sale and exchange of new parking coupons, contact the HDB on 1800-225-5432 or the URA on 6329-3434.