Passenger calmly calls out cabby who took longer route

A taxi driver thought he could earn some extra cash by bringing his passenger on a longer route from Outram to Bugis Street - but little did he know that the customer was on to him.

In a video uploaded on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page, a man decided to record himself confronting the taxi driver.

The video begins with the passenger asking the cabbie: Just now we at Outram right? You turn left then you go straight, then after that you will pass by Hill Street then from Hill Street you can go Bugis right?

"So when I asked you just now to go the fastest way possible, you decided to go by the whole route?"

The driver then responds that this is the faster route but the passenger cuts him off and politely tells him that this cannot be the fastest way to get to Bugis.

He added that they're both aware that it is definitely not the faster route.

The driver then claims that the route he chose is more "smooth".

But the passenger then decides to call him out and teach the driver a lesson in a gracious and gentlemanly manner, saying he did not mind paying the full fare but asking the driver not to use such schemes again.

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