Pastor and girl, 15, have sex in church

SINGAPORE - The assistant pastor groomed the 15-year-old girl for sex with explicit e-mail.

Eventually he got his way when he made the girl perform oral sex on him at a public park.

He continued his explicit correspondence with her. Then, in a shocking show of audacity, he made the underage girl perform oral sex on him in the church.

On Friday, the former assistant pastor was jailed 16 months for two charges of underage sex. A third charge of an obscene act with a young person was taken into consideration.

It started innocently enough. The girl's mother took her to the church in 2010 and she joined its youth group, where she met the 44-year-old assistant pastor when he led the youth group from early 2011.

The court heard that, as leader of the youth group, the married father of three organised programmes and activities for its members.

Up till June 2011, the girl would meet him during the youth group meetings in church. Outside of church activities, they had no further contact.

In September 2011, the man organised an overseas mission trip to Myanmar, which the girl and her mother were part of.

They celebrated her 15th birthday while on the trip.

On returning to Singapore, she sent him a text message as she needed to return some reading materials to him.

He suggested they meet for lunch. As they walked to the MRT station after eating, he suddenly hugged her from behind.

Surprised, she pushed his hands away, but did not confront him about the matter.

This was when he started sexually grooming her via text messages, phone calls, e-mails and social media like Facebook and MSN Chat.


Sex in the church

Between end September and early October, they were at a jogging park near Bartley MRT station when he asked her: "You want to oral me?"

She thought he was referring to kissing and said nothing.

He then unbuckled his pants and exposed his private parts. He put his hands on her shoulders, pushed her down to a kneeling position and made her perform oral sex on him.

She pushed him away after a few seconds, as she felt he should not be doing such a thing to her.

After the sex act, they walked to the MRT station before parting.

They continued corresponding. In October 2011, he told her to help with chores at the church, which they did at the second storey.

Other pastors were working on the ground floor at the time.

After finishing their work, the two went to the church's fourth storey, where he asked for oral sex.

She didn't say anything, but he put his hands on her and again pushed her down. On Oct 27, 2011, the girl left for Beijing on a school trip. While there, she realised what he did was wrong and she sent her mother a text message about it.

Her parents flew to Beijing shortly afterwards and escorted her back. She lodged a police report on Nov 22, 2011, and the assistant pastor was arrested the next day.

Sexual plaything

In court on Friday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ng Yiwen pressed for a deterrent sentence to deter like-minded offenders.

It will also express public outrage at the man's exploitation of his position of trust - a religious leader in charge of "young impressionable youths."

The man's first attempt to get physical with her resulted in her pushing him away, but he was undeterred and kept up efforts to coax and condition her, he said.

"Clearly... the victim was nothing more than a sexual plaything which he could exploit to satiate his lust."

He added the man's moral corruption could be seen from the fact that he made her perform the sexual acts in public places.

"(He) even had the audacity and temerity to make (her) perform oral sex on him within the church premises, a place of worship.

"As an assistant pastor, (he) would have been well aware of the sacrile gious nature of his actions.... "(He) has robbed (her) of her innocence and taken advantage of her naivety and youth."

Sexual grooming

According to court documents, he came up with code names, addressing her as "Sdolf" while she addressed him as "Dolf."

Their conversations became more intimate. He spoke to her about sex and implied that he would like to have sex with her. He also told her he loved her.

She reciprocated, telling him she loved him, too. These are excerpts from their e-mails as included in the court documents.

Oct 14, 2011

Asst pastor: "but dolf enjoys listening to everything and detail about sdolf even the colour of your underwear. So you can start your email with something like: today I decided to wear red panty instead of black and put on a purple bra...haahahah... hornyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Love you so much sdolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.""

Oct 15, 2011

Girl: "loving you more and more and more with each passing day... Hmmm what's your favourite colour? Haven't decided what panty colour to wear so horny lah youuuuuu. My cute dolf."

Oct 16, 2011

Asst pastor: "today your panty what colour I like, black I also like but red turns me on lorh....every time I hug you I feel so loved, so sweet cos I can really feel your love when you lay on my chest...I like to lay on your breast lorh, each time I hug you I want to turn away from the world...I am going bonkers over those parts of your body...tell me what I must do to get them. I will do anything I could to get them... i want you... all of you... if I cannot have all of you... i will have none.... love you truly, sincerely, unreservedly your cute weird crazy charming Dolf."

Oct 16, 2011

Girl: "hey dolf. I love you...but you are a married man. and i'm only 15.

I have a life ahead of me to live. No matter how much I want you, or how much you want me, we cannot have each other and will never end up together...(more and more often) you say you wana (have sex with) me. but I don't know if I want to lose my virginity to you."

Oct 18, 2011

Girl: "but I don't know. I'm not sure if I want to (have sex with) you...or if i don't want to (have sex with) you."

Oct 21, 2011

Asst pastor: "(if ) our relationship is found out, I can hear what those people gonna say... 'this shameless man how can he abused his authority and cheat a young girl like that'. Love is truly an amazing thing in our present day contact.

Because true love comes with the price of self-abandonment."

Oct 27, 2011

Asst pastor: "I want to (have sex with) you when you come back. I don't know. I just want you so badly. I don't know what else to say."

Nov 1, 2011

Asst pastor: "I loved your smses. They are like booster for me. however I cant keep those sms. so if wrote down what you told me in smses in mail will help. Things like 'all my ***** are yours (wah lau sweet until no end lorh)'...

"a terrible night, helpless?...yes want you have to go to jail also want to **** you"

Girl: "'go to jail also want to **** you' make me scared; lorh; say until like you so much... love you dolf."

Background of the man

1. He has three children, who were, at the time of the offence, aged between six and 15.

2. His victim is the same age as his oldest child.

3. He is 29 years older than his victim.

4. From having a $2,400 job as an assistant pastor, he became a part-time dishwasher for $8 hourly after he was caught.

5. From 1997 to 1999, the church sponsored his full-time degree course.

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