Pay-per-use lounge opens at Terminal 3

SINGAPORE - Changi Airport has opened its first pay-per-use lounge outside the immigration zone in Terminal 3.

Called The Haven and managed by luxury terminal services provider JetQuay, the lounge offers facilities for showers, meetings and meals.

Customers can choose the services they want and pay accordingly.

The 558 square metre facility can take up to 60 people. It has 18 nap rooms, 13 shower rooms and two meeting rooms - a four-seater and a six-seater. Prices before tax and service charge range from $10 for a shower to $50 for three hours in a nap room.

Other pay-for-use facilities in Changi Airport, such as the transit hotels and Rainforest Lounge, are located within the immigration zone.

Barry Nassberg, the group chief operating officer of Worldwide Flight Services, JetQuay's majority shareholder, said he expects strong demand for the services offered at The Haven from various segments. "Customers arriving on long-haul flights early in the morning, departing on evening flights or those on long transits will find the services useful," he said. He also said that although business flyers are more likely to demand such services, leisure travellers may be drawn to them as well.

With Changi's many low-cost flights departing after midnight, passengers may decide to rest in the lounge before checking in for their flights, he said.

Jeremy Yeo, the assistant vice-president of landside concessions in Changi Airport, said: "The launch of The Haven at T3 provides a comfortable respite to passengers in the airport's public areas, allows them to rest and relax before boarding their flights and enhances our suite of facilities and service offerings."

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