Peeping Tom chased me

SINGAPORE - The flasher not only exposed his private parts, he urinated on his two young victims.

On Tuesday, another sicko, a Peeping Tom, stalked a playground and scared three primary schoolgirls.

And a molester is being sought by the police for a case of outrage of modesty, with the police issuing an alert in April.

Strangely, all the incidents have occurred at Pasir Ris.

And they have prompted parents, teachers and residents to be on the alert.

The flasher had exposed himself, then urinated on two pupils of Park View Primary School in Pasir Ris along Drive 1 on July 21. The police are investigating the case.

Flashing incidents have also been reported by pupils from another primary school at Pasir Ris, Meridian Primary.

The school has told pupils to be on the lookout after incidents of a man flashing at them were reported to the school.

Now, parents whose children attend Meridian Primary are on edge.

Parents told The New Paper the school had sent them a text message earlier this year advising them to be more alert.

Meridian Primary School's principal, Mr Lim Meng Wei, told TNP in an e-mail: "The school has reminded pupils to be vigilant.

"We also work closely with the Neighbourhood Police Centre and have assisted them in conducting awareness talks to our pupils on crime prevention, such as avoiding secluded places and what to do when they see suspicious characters."

Worried parents

Parents in the estate and outside the school interviewed on Wednesday and Thursday said they had heard about the flashing incidents and were worried for the safety of their kids.

One mother, who wished to be known only as Madam Aida, said she now makes it a point to be five minutes early when picking up her eight-year-old daughter from Meridian Primary.

If she is going to be late, she would call her friends to look out for her daughter.

"My neighbours told me that something bad had happened in the lifts in one of the surrounding blocks," she said. "They said to not let my daughter wander alone."

The housewife added: "I am extremely worried not only for the children but for the adults in the area.

"As the blocks here have dark corners, the flasher could possibly hide there."

She suggested installing more closed-circuit television cameras there.

Mr Tay Meng Hong, 49, who works in the cleaning industry, has a daughter who is a Primary 6 pupil at Meridian Primary.

He sends her to and from school every day. He said: "As a father, I am very protective of my daughter and I have told her to be wary. She knows that should she face him (the flasher) alone, the priority is to get away quickly.

"If she is in a group with her friends, they could work together to scare him off and hopefully prevent him from doing it again."

Another mother, Mrs Jerita, 37, who declined to give her full name, said the incident has been a hot topic in the neighbourhood.

Working in customer service, she said: "It is scary and quiet here because the blocks are next to the expressway and not many people walk about.

"But I feel quite safe because police officers would patrol the blocks occasionally. Hopefully, that would deter him (the flasher)."

A spokesman for a nearby childcare centre, with kids from 18 months to six years old, said: "We are not taking any risks. Teachers have been told to look out for the kids during our outdoor activities such as afternoon strolls to the nearby playground.

"As all our staff members are female, we tell them to ensure their own safety too."

Then there is the pervert who scared three Primary 6 pupils from Meridian Primary at a nearby playground on Tuesday.

Peeped under skirts

The pupils told TNP that a middle-aged man had peeped under their skirts while they were sitting on the steps at a playground.

They shifted positions and the man walked away. Shortly after, their 12-year-old classmate ran up to them panting and crying.

Said the girl: "I was leaving a friend's house and noticed a man following me. When I walked faster, he started to chase me. He chased me down the staircase and around two blocks. When I reached the playground and saw my friends, he was not there any more."

The girls later confirmed that the two incidents involved the same man.

The victim described the man as wearing a white shirt, blue pants and a pair of shoes. He had brown, short hair.

She said that she has not told her parents about the incident, fearing that they might scold her for going to her friend's home after school. She has also not made a police report.

The girls said the school had told them to be wary of the flasher and they said they were on their guard.

Also on her toes is Mrs Sougandhi Sareth, a housewife in her 40s, who has a Primary 2 daughter at the school: "The police are putting in the effort to catch the flasher but we hope more can be done."

In April, the police issued an appeal to residents of Pasir Ris Street 71 on a suspect allegedly involved in a outrage of modesty case.

Other cases of flashing

DEC 2013:

A 19-year-old was arrested for allegedly exposing his private parts to three women, aged 26, 30 and 34, at Telok Blangah Crescent.

The police said the suspect appeared outside the women's homes and made some noise to get them to look towards the main door.

He then exposed his private parts and committed an obscene act. He was later identified and arrested in Bedok.

Oct 2013:

The police received a report from a woman informing them that a man had exposed himself to her and committed an obscene act.

Two similar incidents occurring around the same area near Teck Whye Lane were reported later.

The police arrested a 23-year-old man, believed to be the serial flasher, near Teck Whye Lane.

JUNE 2013:

A man in his 50s was arrested by police after he allegedly flashed an 11-year-old girl outside a clinic in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4.

The girl was waiting for her mother when the man exposed himself to her. The suspect was charged with indecency.

This article was first published on Aug 9, 2014.
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