Penalise residents who clutter HDB common corridors

Penalise residents who clutter HDB common corridors

SINGAPORE- Despite guidelines and warnings from the Singapore Civil Defence Force, it is not unusual to see fixed laundry racks and bulky items placed along HDB common corridors ("Most town councils do better in report"; last Friday).

Apart from being a fire hazard, clutter obstructs residents' escape route during emergencies and hinders access for emergency crew.

There is no reason for residents, especially those living in bigger flats, to place items along the common corridors. Are they trying to claim public space along the corridors as their own?

The town councils should consider issuing demerit points to recalcitrant residents.

When the point limit is exceeded, the resident could have his service and conservancy rebates reduced or stopped. The demerit points can be wiped off if no further offences are committed.

Where persuasion has failed, punitive measures may work.

Francis Cheng

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