Plans to install Polcams at all HDB blocks and multi-storey carparks on track: DPM Teo

DPM Teo, who is also the Home Affairs Minister, said the Home Team continually seeks to leverage more on technology as a "force multiplier" and Polcams "act as additional eyes on the ground" since they were installed in May last year. "So far, camera footage has helped to solve 18 crime cases, and provided leads in another 109 cases."

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 Read an extract from DPM Teo Chee Hean's speech at the Home Affairs Uniformed Services Scholarship award ceremony here:

Our Home Team officers work hard round the clock, to ensure the safety and security of Singapore and Singaporeans every day.

This is a challenging task, as the security threats we face are constantly evolving. For example, technological innovations and air travel have made it easier for criminals and drug traffickers to collaborate across borders, giving rise to more transnational crime.

Cyber crimes and commercial crimes continue to grow in number, complexity and sophistication. Terrorism remains a threat to regional and global security, but its form and shape have been changing. In recent years, terrorist elements have been using social media to spread radical ideology and recruit new radicals. We are also increasingly concerned about self-radicalised lone wolf terrorists.

We need good Home Team officers with the right skills and capabilities to deal with the wide range of security challenges that confront us. We have invested heavily in our officers to deepen capabilities including in key areas such as investigation, forensics and cyber-security.

The Home Team is also leveraging more on technology as a force multiplier.

For example, the Police Cameras that have been installed in 350 HDB blocks since May 2012 act as additional eyes on the ground. So far, camera footage has helped to solve 18 crime cases, and provided leads in another 109 cases. By the end of this year, Police Cameras will be installed in another 650 HDB blocks and multi-storey car parks across Singapore.

The Home Team will continue to work in close partnership with the community, for example, by encouraging greater participation in Citizens-on-Patrol and Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

We are also fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who help our Home Team officers in different areas including crime prevention, road safety, and rehabilitation. On the international front, we also continue to work with like-minded countries to share intelligence and expertise.

The new INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation which will open in Singapore next year will help to strengthen our international collaborations, particularly in the area of cyber crime.