PM Lee reflects on 2015, optimistic for 2016

SINGAPORE - Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has released his 2016 New Year message. It is the first time he has recorded a video New Year message and released it through his Facebook page and the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) YouTube channel.

Reflecting on the key events that defined 2015, PM Lee said four moments especially stood out for him - the passing of Singapore's first Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew; the SG50 celebrations that marked Singapore's Jubilee year; the National Day celebrations on August 9; and the General Elections

He said that these moments "showed the world - and ourselves - what a determined and united people can do; why Singapore is a shining red dot".

"Despite the threats of ISIS and jihadist terrorism, when other societies are troubled by intolerance and racial tensions, here in Singapore we rejoice in our multi-racial harmony. Where other countries are mired in political gridlock and pessimistic for the next generation, we in Singapore are united, hopeful and confident about our future", said PM Lee.

Looking ahead to 2016, PM Lee said: "We cannot expect an easy journey ahead. But the journey can be every bit as exciting as the first 50 years. Because we know come what may - challenges, disappointments and sorrows - we will be here for one another. We will celebrate our successes together, because we know we can only succeed together".

He ended with: "Our future is for us to make together, and I look forward to travelling the road ahead with all of you. Happy New Year!"

AsiaOne wishes all our readers a Happy 2016!