Police arrest 2 men involved in fight over utility bill

SINGAPORE - Police have arrested two men, aged 29 and 36, for taking part in an assault against three other men on Thursday.

A 29-year-old victim told the police that he was attacked by his house-mate and eight others at a housing estate in Jurong West St 1.

The police believe that the victim had a dispute with the 29-year-old suspect over the utilities bill. The dispute later escalated into violence, when the suspect and eight others attacked three of his house-mates.

Officers who arrived placed two men under arrest, and police are seeking to apprehend the other men who were involved.

The two suspects will be charged in court on Monday for rioting. If convicted, they each face a jail term of up to seven years and could also be caned. Foreigners convicted for serious offences may also be repatriated.