Police arrest brothers suspected of breaking into clinic

Police have arrested two brothers, aged 21 and 35, who are believed to have broken into a clinic and stolen large amount of cough syrup and cash.

The police said that they were alerted on Monday morning to a break-in at a clinic in Ghim Moh Road. Cough mixture and cash were stolen from the clinic.

Officers detained one of the brothers at Jelapang Road on Wednesday, and found bottles of the clinic's cough syrup and up to $5,000 in his possession, they said in a statement today. They arrested the older brother in Clementi subsequently.

The police said that the men are believed to have broken into the clinic through a rear window, and had been selling the cough mixture. The remaining cough mixture and cash of $7,000 were seized.

The two brothers will be charged in court tomorrow. If convicted, they may be jailed for up to 14 years, the police said.