Police called in after man parks BMW in middle of road for alleged 45-min tryst

A 21-year-old BMW driver caused a traffic blockage when he and a female companion allegedly had a sexual tryst in the car while parked in the middle of the road for 45 minutes.

The incident happened on Mar 1 at around 3.40am on Topaz Road in Serangoon, amidst heavy rain, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

Another driver, whose passage was impeded by the parked BMW, took a picture of the car and shared it on Facebook.

In his recount of the incident, the driver said that the BMW was shaking and he suspected that someone was having intercourse in the car.

As the BMW occupied both lanes, he was unable to continue and proceeded to sound his horn at the vehicle for 15 minutes, but the driver did not respond.

Infuriated, he called the police.

The entire incident lasted for about 45 minutes.

According to the Lianhe Wanbao, a 21-year-old youth was in the car with a female companion during the time of incident.

A spokesperson from the police has confirmed that an incident had occurred at the said place on Tuesday.

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