Police investigating incidents involving cyclist; important to be gracious on roads: Faishal

SINGAPORE - In a Facebook post on Friday, Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim said many have asked for his opinion on the two incidents. The first incident, which was filmed with an in-car camera, showed a cyclist weaving through traffic towards Harbourfront Walk. He later dismounted from his bicycle and gestured at the driver. The same man was involved in another altercation with a housewife at Telok Blangah.


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Here is Dr Faishal's Facebook post in full:

Many have asked for my opinion on the recent incidents involving a cyclist and other motorists. I understand that the Police are already investigating both incidents.

Instead of assigning blame, it is important for us to remember that we must be gracious and respect one another on the roads. Cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike must abide by traffic rules and play their part in looking out for one another.

When we demonstrate courtesy and empathy, our roads will be safer for everyone. I believe that we can all contribute to making everyone’s journeys safer and more pleasant.

Caucasian cyclist hogs road, rides recklessly then taunts driver 

Thursday, Oct 10, 2013

SINGAPORE - A video that has made its way onto social media channels shows a cyclist attempting to provoke a driver to a confrontation after riding recklessly on a busy Singapore road.

Uploaded on YouTube on Oct 8, the cyclist is first seen beating a red light at a traffic junction.

He then occupies the right-most lane of a busy road and is seen cycling haphazardly on the dotted line.

At one point in the video, he suddenly cuts into the lane of a driver.

The YouTube user who uploaded the video on Facebook claims to be the driver in the video.

He wrote, in a description that accompanied the video, that the cyclist's behaviour had caused him to "jam on (his) brakes and honk".

The rest of the video, he says, "speaks for itself".

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