Police investigating pranksters who impersonated plainclothes officers

A report has been made on the video showing a group of pranksters pretending to be plainclothes officers to scare illegal cigarette peddlers in Geylang recently, according to an article in The Sunday Times.

A contributor to Stomp had previoulsy alerted the citizen journalism website to the video on YouTube, showing two men pulling pranks on contraband cigarette sellers in Geylang's alleys.

The video, posted by Merlion TV, shows a man going around the alleys in Geylang asking about cigarettes from street peddlers.

Once the details of the products were given, the man then pretends to say some code words and call for reinforcement through an earpiece, giving peddlers the impression that he was a police officer.

As part of the prank, another man would then run out of nowhere and start to chase the peddlers, who ran away immediately.

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