Police issue crime prevention advisory for upcoming long festive weekend

SINGAPORE - The long festive weekend, from 8 to 11 August 2013 in celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and National Day, is just around the corner. You may be planning an overseas vacation, shopping for festive goods, exchanging new notes or visiting friends and family.

Police would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of remaining vigilant and adopting the following crime prevention measures during this festive period.

Housebreaking at Home

a) Ensure that all doors, windows and other openings are well secured with good quality grilles and close-shackled padlocks;

b) Secure all doors and windows before retiring to bed or when leaving your house unattended, even for a short while;

c) Install a burglar alarm, sensor light and/or close circuit surveillance camera to cover the access points into your premises. Ensure that they are tested periodically and in good working condition;

d) Do not leave large amounts of cash in your home. All cash, jewellery and valuable items should be kept in a bank or in a good quality safe that is anchored to the wall/floor to prevent the safe from being carted away;

e) If you are going on a vacation, you should also:

i. entrust family members or neighbours to conduct regular visits to your home while you are away;

ii. make arrangements to suspend your newspaper subscriptions as uncollected newspapers are tell-tale signs that a house is not occupied; and

iii. inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre of your absence.

Theft while Shopping / Dining / Home Visitation

a) Be alert and attentive to your surroundings;

b) Never leave your personal belongings like your handbag, wallet or mobile phone unattended in public places such as on a table at eateries or in a shopping trolley;

c) Do not be distracted by strangers creating a commotion or accidentally bumping/spilling something onto you;

d) Avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you;

e) Do not adorn your children with gold jewellery as they are easy targets for potential criminals;

f) Avoid placing your wallet in your back pocket;

g) Sling your handbag in front of you and ensure that it is fastened or zipped at all times.

Prevention of Snatch Theft / Robbery at the ATM or bank

a. Do not disclose your schedule to exchange new notes or withdraw money;

b. Get someone to accompany you for the transaction if withdrawing large amounts of money;

c. Be aware of stranger(s) loitering around the ATM or bank before or when withdrawing money;

d. Conceal your notes before leaving the bank outlet or ATM; and

e. Be aware of distraction techniques employed by potential criminals such as dropping cash on the floor.

Car Rental Scam

a. Rent vehicles from reputable car rental companies;

b. Check with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to confirm that the car rental business is a registered one;

c. Insist for documentation on the rental details, such as for the payment and particulars of the parties involved, and keep a copy for your reference; and

d. Request to view the vehicle and its identification document to verify the ownership.

Police Advisory on The Use Of Sparklers

a. While the importation and sale of some types of sparklers are legal in Singapore, the use of sparklers should be done in a responsible manner according to the safety guidelines prescribed by the manufacturer.

b. Police would like to remind the public that we take a serious view of persons setting off improvised explosive devices constructed using sparklers. Such improvised explosive devices (including sparklers bundled together) are a potential fire hazard, and causes noise pollution and undue alarm to the public. The blast effect from the explosion can also cause injury to persons and damage to property.

c. Anyone caught setting off improvised explosive devices may be prosecuted in Court for either an offence of negligent conduct with respect to any fire or combustible matter under Section 285 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, or negligent conduct with respect to any explosive substance under Section 286 of the Penal Code Chapter 224. If convicted of either offence, the offender will be liable to an imprisonment term which may extend to one year or fine up to S$5,000, or with both.