Police: No DNA found in bone fragments from 'murder house'

TAPAH - DNA was not found in the bone fragments collected from a house where four murders allegedly took place.

The incident had led to the arrest of a family of four.

The identities of the supposed murder victims could not be determined since no DNA showed up on the chemist's report, said state crime chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Goh Kok Liang.

"Based on the advice of the state prosecution unit head, police have released two suspects after their remand orders expired (yesterday)," SAC Goh said in a statement.

However, they were immediately rearrested outside the magistrate's court yesterday under Section 3(1) of the Prevention of Crime Act, which allows police to arrest anyone on grounds that would justify holding an inquiry into the case.

SAC Goh said the 57-year-old mechanic and his eldest son, 20, would be remanded under the Act for 21 days from today.

"We will heed the advice of the state prosecution unit head to keep looking for evidence in connection with the murders," he added.

Last Thursday, the main suspect's wife, 54, and their 17-year-old disabled son were freed due to lack of evidence against them.

It was reported that the disappearance of land broker Jasbeer Singh, had led police to the family's house where the victims were allegedly beaten to death, their remains burnt and ashes thrown into a river behind the house.

Police have yet to release the victims' identities, although the families of the four missing persons came forward to say their loved ones could be among those killed.

The other three missing are spare parts dealer Ng Chor Kee, bus conductor Ng Ah Leng @ Mohan and tour bus operator V. Gunawaty.