Police pursuing missing SIA pilot - PLS CHANGE THE PIC TO THE ACTUAL PILOT PIC

A Singapore Airlines pilot is being pursued by police for allegedly assaulting his wife, then stealing her money and family heirlooms.

Enrique Alvarez Delfin, who joined SIA in 2007, is believed to be in Qatar now with his parents, after taking voluntary no-pay leave with the airline in April.

The 34-year-old's wife, a Bolivian who wanted to be known only as Mrs Alvarez, lodged three police reports against him between January and May this year, accusing him of emptying out their joint bank account and taking away antiques that her grandparents left her before absconding.

The money and items are said to be worth about US$50,000 (S$63,400).

When contacted, police confirmed that she had lodged the reports and that attempts to contact the man have so far been unsuccessful.

The spokesman also said that the accused, who is a Singapore permanent resident of Bolivian descent, is being investigated for criminal breach of trust and voluntarily causing hurt.

Alvarez is believed to be flying with Qatar Airways during his leave from SIA, although the Middle Eastern airlines did not respond to queries from The Straits Times.

When contacted, SIA spokesman Nicholas Ionides said his airline "does not comment on employee matters".

Speaking to The Straits Times from Florida, Mrs Alvarez, who is also 34, recalled how the two first met in 1996 in Bolivia.

They only got reacquainted in May last year and she was persuaded to fly here to visit him.

After her one-month stay here, he proposed and they got married last September.

"Then, it felt right because we got along very well," said Mrs Alvarez, a business administrator.

But their relationship soured last November, when his behaviour towards her changed.

Mrs Alvarez claimed that the man locked her out of their Ipoh Lane apartment in Tanjong Katong and left her in the balcony.

His frequent flashes of anger would turn violent. She claimed that he strangled her and pinned her on the floor for 40 minutes after she told him to seek psychiatric help in January. That was when he broke her ribs.

"He just pounced on me and even when I begged him to let me go, he just said 'I know, I know' and still pinned me down," said Mrs Alvarez, who flew home in February on a ticket that her father-in-law bought for her.

"I was very scared and all I wanted to do was to get a divorce and go back to Bolivia."

She returned to Singapore in May, hoping to finalise her divorce and collect her money and personal belongings, only to find the apartment vacated.

Worried for her safety, Mrs Alvarez went to court and received a Personal Protection Order against her husband in May.

She said: "I don't want any trouble... just my money and personal things back and carry on with my life."