Poor old man left in old van at Jurong carpark relieves himself in the vehicle

Stomp contributor Stephen heard loud screaming and banging coming from an old van in a carpark yesterday (Apr 20), and was heartbroken to see an elderly man inside.

According to him, the old man had been living for long hours in a van at carpark of Jurong East Avenue 1, urinating and defecating in plastic bags.

This was not the first time Stephen has seen him.

He said, "I go there for breakfast regularly and hear the banging. He would be making a lot of noise.

"I think he has been there for months or even years. The place smells."

"I heard his brother works nearby."

Stephen told Stomp that he talked to a cleaner in the area, who told him that the elderly man would then dispose of the plastic bags in a rubbish bin.

"The cleaner almost wanted to vomit," said Stephen.

Stephen explained that he sent in the story to raise awareness and hopefully to find help for the man: "People always send in photos of animals to Stomp to get them help, and I feel that we should help people too."

The Stomp contributor has already called up the Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA), who said that they would likely send someone down to assess the situation.

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