Poor working conditions take toll

It is time to stop the public shaming of the childcare teacher who allegedly abused a boy, and take a more objective look at the wider context of the issue.

The alleged abuse was caught on camera but this may be just the tip of the iceberg.

The alleged abuser was a part-time teacher.

In the first place, why are there so many part-time teachers in childcare? Most of them are poorly trained.

Also, most childcare centres focus on the physical aspects of child-minding rather than the holistic and character education of the children, which is more important.

And many place emphasis on cutting costs and making profits.

The low pay, long hours, difficult working conditions and poor public recognition of the profession all take a toll on such teachers.

The Government has been looking to improve the quality of childcare services.

Such services should not only be affordable but also stress character education and in-service enrichment.

While childcare teachers need the necessary qualifications, periodic refresher and enrichment courses are required, much like what doctors and primary and secondary school teachers have to undergo.